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Consulting: Businesses, non-profits, public sector organizations


● Building and creating policies and programs 

● Communication and spokesperson for social impact projects 

● Develop and implement effective strategies for sustainable funding resources 

● Results Based Accountability training for equitable practices 

● Project development and funding application assistance 

● Building resiliency through fundraising and campaigning 


Businesses, non-profits, public sector organizations 


I serve in leadership roles for nonprofit boards and have connections with community groups across our city as a Duluth City Councilor. Through my work, education and volunteer experience I have gained cross cultural experiences and understand and value diversity. 


● Community connections and building bridges 

● Political experience and skilled in the
   ability to pass policies 

● Leadership is long standing as a lifelong
   resident of Duluth, I have built trust and built
   bridges in decreasing gaps for folks facing

● Directing, organizing and outreach


Mask giveaway at Ramsey Manor in West Duluth

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